Comment: Thank you so much for your help you have been absolutely marvelous!’The Bunbury YHA Dolphin Retreat customer service has been absolutely top class,the team are so friendly and willing to help,and went out of their way to help me out. A friend of mine also stayed there and the time they gave him to fall in love with Australia even more. it was a great place for him to meet people and to settle into the Australian way of life whilst also giving a bit back to the planet .Thank you so much for generosity and kindness! Natalie’
Guest: Natalie Ward

Comment: Ian & Sarah are very kind.  I’m so happy.  They are my OZ sister & brother.  I have had a great time in Bunbury.  I love dolphins.  I love Bunbury YHA Dolphin Retreat.  I’ll be back in summer
Guest: Mari Kitajima, Japan

Comment: We had a wonderful time.  Thank you
Guest: Tony & Jenn, UK

Comment: A lovely and nice place to stay.  Ian and Sarah are very nice and helpful.  Anything you need to know you could ask them.  I felt very at home and welcome.  I will definitely stay here if I come back to Bunbury and recommend it to anyone who is going to Bunbury.  Thanks for a lovely stay
Guest: Frida Johansson, Sweden

Comment: Thanks for a great couple of days here.  Ian & Sarah are well on the way to having one of the best YHA’s in WA.  Cheers Gav for getting the Crystal Palace result.  See you soon
Guest: David Edwards, England

Comment: Very friendly atmosphere! Clean and nice!
Guest: Evelyn Fischer, Germany

Comment: Thank you for a great stay.  Clean, friendly & cosy duvets
Guest: Victoria, Scotland

Comment: Very comfortable hostel
Guest: Rodney, Australia

Comment: Great hostel, clean & friendly.  Thank you
Guest: Karen McDonough, England

Comment: Great place, great location by the sea – thank you!
Guest: Sophie & Rowena, England

Comment: Friendliness & hospitality  THE BEST.  Thank you
Guest: Sharon Joyce, Newcastle (NSW

Comment: Very good place to stay and I recommend it to anyone to stay.  It’s quiet and friendly too
Guest: Robert Wayne Hesketh, Western Australia

Comment: Very friendly.  Unfortunately it rained loads!
Guest: Nadia & Louise, England

Comment: Thank you for a very friendly welcome.  Very relaxing and very homely.  Ian & Sarah I wish you both success
Guest: Martin Wright, England

Comment: It felt very homely and the kids love it here!!  Thank you
Guest: Geeta Carroll, Western Australia

Comment: Very peaceful, quiet and gentle on expenses
Guest: Matt Rebsamen, Switzerland

Comment: We’ve had a good time with you!! Friendly staff & good accommodation
Guest: Ishea, Western Australia

Comment: Thanks for the party night.  Was very good.  Very friendly staff
Guest: ACE Team from Perth (Switzerland, France, Japan, Check, NZ)

Comment: Very friendly.  Thanks
Guest: Brenda, Western Australia

Comment: Thanks for lovely stay.  Very friendly & clean.  Will certainly come again
Guest: Jean Moriarty, Western Australia

Comment: Friendly place to stay
Guest: Miranda, Western Australia

Comment: Couldn’t hope for a warmer welcome.  Thanks for a very enjoyable stay
Guest: John Tranter, England

Comment: Thanks for having me
Guest: William Ding, Western Australia

Comment: Thank you for a lovely stay – so friendly the best place to stay on the planet!
Guest: Perry Newman, Western Australia

Comment: Great dorms, really comfy
Guest: G Chapman & A Riddington, Australia

Comment: Excellent hostel
Guest: T Walton,UK

Comment: Colourful & Friendly Hostel
Guest: A Hardy,UK

Comment: Very comfy beds!! + free pool
Guest: J Hole,UK

Comment: Great-down to earth atmosphere, friendly
Guest: Tracey Coats, Perth (WA)

Comment: Very hospitable, friendly place to stay. Rm 4 needs some hooks to hang clothing thanks
Guest: Lyn Stone,            WoyWoy (NSW)

Comment: Perfect time but pool area is too small. Thanks for the stay –
Guest: Jan Martin Louissen, Netherlands

Comment: Very nice stay and very friendly staff
Guest: M Gruber, Germany

Comment: Wonderful – so nice to stay somewhere where people care
Guest: Helen Tayler, UK

Comment: Very friendly helpful staff.  Good luck with your new venture
Guest: Warren Corbett, Adelaide (SA)

Comment: Keep up the good work.  A very pleasant town and equally pleasant  hostel – larger shower areas would be nice…give it time!!!
Guest: David & Josephine Peake, Melbourne (VIC)

Comment: Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed it
Guest: Simone, Germany

Comment: Your barbie rocks!!
Guest: Ann, Norway

Comment: Fun, fun, fun!
Guest: Boon, Singapore

Comment: Excellent couple of days, thanks
Guest: Kent Family, Victoria

Comment: Excellent but please be more organised
Guest: Valerie, NZ

Comment: YHA NZ Geriatrix Cycle Touring Group!
Guest: Peter, Picton (NZ)

Comment: Clean & Tidy.  Fuller pillows would be good.  Thanks
Guest: Glen Bishop, Mandurah (WA)

Comment: Excellent and so helpful.  Thanks
Guest: Kristen McCarty, UK

Comment: Quiet friendly good beds
Guest: Gus Krayherr, Australia

Comment: comfortable and friendly
Guest: M Macdonald, Australia

Comment: Very friendly, cosy, peaceful
Guest: A Szabo, Geraldton Australia

Comment: Very comfortable stay. Beds great!
Guest: S Nash, UK

Comment: Friendly, nice, excellent. SEE YOU!
Guest: Yuesle Roch France

Comment: Very friendly, well organised.
Guest: Klaus Stroehl, Germany

Comment: Clean-Excellent
Guest: Sandra Poth, Germany

Comment: Ian was friendly + helpful, cheers mate
Guest: Gary Fitzgibbon, UK

Comment: Its my first time to stay YHA but Great!!!
Guest: Ayumi S, Japan

Comment: Very friendly place. Good staying here
Guest: Bronwyn Doubleday, ACT Australia

Comment: Fantastic-friendly, all conveniences, clean, neat – Thanks!
Guest: Di Cooli, Australia

Comment: loved it – be back soon
Guest: E Watson, Australia

Comment: Friendly good place
Guest: Arnaud Grandmaiiai,  France

Comment: Very good place. I hope we’ll come back! Everything was perfect!
Guest: Olivier Vonumhalx, France

Comment: Lovely clean + friendly
Guest: Laura Fisio, US

Comment: Like it just the way it is!
Guest: Gerard Zwart, Sydney Australia

Comment: Enjoyed our visit. Everyone friendly and helpful
Guest: Norma and Jeff Mogforl, UK

Comment: Great time!! Will be back. Brilliant! Lovely accommodation – a very nice hostel. Bunbury is a very interesting place
Guest: Catherine Anderson, Scotland

Comment: Very nice and cosy! Friendly staff and great location, close to ocean! Bunbury is beautiful
Guest: Natalie Maristrale, Sweden

Comment: We have had an awesome time!
Guest: Elin Elveling, Sweden

Comment: Very nice, here a good time
Guest: Aleke Schweke, Germany

Comment: had a good time
Guest: Chris Bolum, NSW

Comment: Very friendly, enjoyed
Guest: Bill Yull, Victoria Australia

Comment: very nice, had a ☺ stay
Guest: Melinda Latham, UK

Comment: Very nice little hostel
Guest: Herbert Panhams, Germany

Comment: Very friendly staff, hospitable & helpful.  Clean and comfortable
Guest: L Stoves, Wales

Comment: Comfortable, homely, colourful – enjoyed the staff and visitors and loved the artwork.  Great
Guest: Eileen Martin, South Australia

Comment: nice and clean, good coffee
Guest: D Quahs, Germany

Comment: very enjoyable and friendly place to stay
Guest: S Keefe, UK

Comment: very nice stay and friendly people staff
Guest: Holly Wylie, Perth, Australia

Comment: fantastic place, clean & friendly – superb!!
Guest: Gus Stead, UK

Comment: Good, large kitchen with table (good for eating & talking), people of all ages, different experiences.  Free and easy, relaxing
Guest: Adrian Greenslade, UK

Comment: thanks for looking after us
Guest: John & Joane Nairn, Melbourne, Australia

Comment: nice place, quiet and all you could ask for!!
Guest: Charles & Lindsay, UK

Comment: very nice and friendly, I enjoyed it – thanks
Guest: Doris Guntersweiler, Switzerland

Comment: a most enjoyable stay
Guest: Carol Cunningham, Western Australia

Comment: Great first impression of YHA! Thanx
Guest: Megan Olser, Canada

Comment: very friendly staff
Guest: Jasmina Dean, Switzerland

Comment: great!
Guest: Erika Nielsen, Switzerland

Comment: very friendly, enjoyed
Guest: Nancy McAllen, Scotland

Comment: relaxed and friendly place
Guest: Carol Cunningham, Western Australia

Comment: very friendly, nice and quite relaxed
Guest: Julie Midgley, New Zealand

Comment: lovely – very friendly and great atmosphere
Guest: Cathy George, England

Comment: very nice and clean
Guest: Amy Stuart, Australia

Comment: very helpful
Guest: Anne Pearce, Australia

Comment: great place, clean, organised and friendly
Guest: Victoria Dorta, Brazil

Comment: very comfortable and helpful
Guest: Mike & Christine Rennison, UK

Comment: real nice & friendly.  See you next time
Guest: Ralf & Tina, Germany

Comment: very nice, polite, cosy & friendly
Guest: Trish, Australia

Comment: great base for playing with dolphins!
Guest: Clare Castleman, UK

Comment: friendly, accommodating, flexible – we’re coming back!!
Guest: Diane Weaver, Australia

Comment: friendly, clean good accommodation
Guest: J Craig, Ireland

Comment: friendly, like a second home,  Neat & comfortable
Guest: Chin San Yong, Malaysia

Comment: Most pleasant and comfortable & friendly
Guest: Gayle & Noel Beattie, New Zealand

Comment: Very friendly, helpful management.  Clean and close to the beach!  Would love to come back if I was in the neighbourhood again.  Thanks
Guest: Marianne Weanick, Netherlands

Comment: Nice and friendly people.  Great place to stay
Guest: Jon Parry, Australia

Comment: Nice & clean!
Guest: Maria Lund Jensen, Australia

Comment: Very pleasant stay
Guest: John Dola, UK

Comment: Very pleasant stay
Guest: Ursula Joss, Switzerland

Comment: Fan-bloody-tastic!
Guest: Tatsu, Japan

Comment: Friendly
Guest: Max & Maria, Germany

Comment: Very pleasant.  Staff helpful
Guest: Tracey Crowley, Ireland

Comment: Friendly and nice
Guest: Jonas, Sweden

Comment: Very friendly!!!
Guest: Steve Clarke, UK

Comment: Warm welcome, shame only 1 night!
Guest: Lara & Blair, UK

Comment: Very friendly
Guest: Romain, France

Comment: Very good hostel.  Welcome to the HI network
Guest: Nico, UK

Comment: While the staff won’t be walked over, they are full of love, kindness and compassion
Guest: Greg, Queensland, Australia

Comment: Very pleasant & friendly
Guest: Christian & Magda, Germany

Comment: Very, very clean.  Just super!
Guest: Otto Freddy, Germany

Comment: By far the best YHA in WA!!  Great staff, may return
Guest: Mark Furr and Family, England

Comment: Very nice & friendly place
Guest: Rachael & Darren, England

Comment: Thanks a lot for the nice, pleasant stay in this cute hostel
Guest: Dani & Elke, Germany

Comment: Great location, friendly and quiet at night
Guest: Michael M, Australia

Comment: Lovely place to stay.  I enjoyed living here very much.  Thanks a  lot
Guest: Veronika, Germany

Comment: Lovely & fantastic
Guest: Torren, Germany

Comment: Good people make a good place!!  Great views and sunsets here!
Guest: Janet Henriksen, Australia

Comment: Fantastic – a great place to stay!  Will recommend to others
Guest: Amy & Jen & Sonia, Australia

Comment: Nice place and very helpful people
Guest: Antje Scherf, Germany

Comment: Great friendly place
Guest: Ng Cin Greuk, Singapore

Comment: Relaxed, clean & nice
Guest: Liew Meih, Singapore

Comment: Relaxed, calm and well placed
Guest: David Edwards, Australia

Comment: Merry Xmas to all staff
Guest: Katherine Villemarie, Canada

Comment: So central, great because it is walking distance everywhere
Guest: Rowena Leclen, Australia

Comment: I like the pubs!!
Guest: Adeline Kinsella, Ireland

Comment: Lovely town, lovely hostel – will definitely recommend to others
Guest: Claire Jackson, Scotland

Comment: Thanks for all your help – lovely stay
Guest: Carol Jackson, England

Comment: Nice stay, slept well!
Guest: Sami, Austria

Comment: We had a great time, really helpful & friendly
Guest: Sarah Gray, Canada & Laura-lee, New Zealand

Comment: V. relaxed & Friendly
Guest: James Mclean, UK

Comment: Nice & relaxed, really enjoyed stay
Guest: Kate Gulliver, Australia

Comment: I could see dolphin! Thank you for your suggestion
Guest: Sanae Todoroki, Japan

Comment: Sunset at the beach.  Great hostel
Guest: Steven Dolories, Austria

Comment: Very lovely place!
Guest: Guido, Germany

Comment: Great place
Guest: T Woodgate, Ireland

Comment: Nice place, was here with my wife and my (7 week old) son – we had a ball and hope to be back soon!! Cheers!!
Guest: Josef, Austria

Comment: Thank you for all the days in your friendly YHA hostel.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! – Very peaceful & relaxing
Guest: E Garner, USA

Comment: All staff super friendly
Guest: P Reynolds, Canada

Comment: Nice staff
Guest: Susanne W, Germany

Comment: Very nice place!!!
Guest: Jacqueline Mann, Germany

Comment: Thanks for nice stay.  Great facilities
Guest: Cindy Paul, UK

Comment: Ex Hostel, friendliest staff yet
Guest: V Birmingham, Scotland

Comment: V. comfortable & friendly hostel
Guest: C Hancock, Australia

Comment: Thanks for your help Ian & Gavin.  Kids loved the games rooms
Guest: Latham Family, Australia

Comment: Very nice people in the house.  A great place and beautiful dolphin, another time again
Guest: Thorsten Meier, Germany

Comment: Very friendly.  Great place.  Wish we could stay longer
Guest: Shaun & Cathy Steger-Lewis, UK

Comment: Very nice place.  Great staff
Guest: Ken Anderson, Tasmania

Comment: Great bed No:8
Guest: Paula & Ronan Coffey, Ireland

Comment: Very nice quiet place
Guest: Christa & Karin, Switzerland

Comment: Very clean, nice company
Guest: Pat & Kylie, WA & QLD

Comment: Very nice YHA.  We feel like home, quiet, clean, lovely place.  Thank you helpful staff people –
Guest: Vincent, France

Comment: This accommodation is excellent, a pleasure to stay here
Guest: Laurence & Noreen Neeson, WA

Comment: Excellent hostel with many helpful friendly people.  We will be back another year
Guest: Heidi Drysdale, GB & J+P Wyndham, WA

Comment: Very pleasant staff, friendly and helpful; and excellent place to stay at Bunbury
Guest: Sam Crawford, Northern Ireland

Comment: I enjoyed my stay a lot.  Very friendly and extremely helpful staff.  Good location.  Had a great time –
Guest: Anja Sadlonski, Germany

Comment: Very comfortable/homely – will visit again when next in the neighbourhood. Thankyou
Guest: Andy Arnold, England

Comment: Staff excellent, very friendly.  Very comfortable also.  Thanks
Guest: Emma, Ireland

Comment: What a wonderful 12 days.  Thanks for very kind owners and staffs, thankyou
Guest: Shinataro Nogochi, Japan

Comment: Very friendly & clean.  Could provide children’s seat on bicycle
Guest: Kiran Mistry, England

Comment: Enjoyed our stay here immensely.  Thankyou very much
Guest: Roger & Diane Simmons, England

Comment: Very friendly, clean & relaxing hostel.  Thanks for a great stay
Guest: Elizabeth & Michael, UK

Comment: Great, clean friendly place
Guest: John & Maureen, Perth WA

Comment: Enjoyed my short stay!
Guest: Michele Chua, Singapore

Comment: Fantastic
Guest: Vera Thomson, Australia

Comment: Amazing!!
Guest: Yusuke Aseho, Japan

Comment: Thank u for the wonderful hospitality!!
Guest: Mayuko Kobayashi, Japan

Comment: Great.  You should advertise more
Guest: Dorothy & Terry Norton, England

Comment: Brilliant atmosphere.  Very friendly
Guest: Andrew & Elizabeth, Suffolk, England

Comment: Very nice + friendly
Guest: Roel + Janine, Holland

Comment: To good for comment
Guest: Helmut, England

Comment: Happy staying with you
Guest: Ella, Netherlands

Comment: Very friendly staff and the cleanest hostel I have been in.  A nice chilled out atmosphere as well.  Cheers
Guest: Mark Wright, England

Comment: All very nice.  Thank you
Guest: Armstrong, Perth, WA

Comment: Keep going and keep it nice
Guest: Anon

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